I have installed Slackware-current(2.4.25) on this notebook and have run
across these often cited sound and video problems.

1. The sound has static when playing some files. The sound hardware seems
to require a sample rate of 48000. DVDs play just fine because the audio
is already 48000. Playing MP3s with something like XMMS gives static.

The solution for me was to locate the esd.conf file(/etc/esd.conf) and add '-r
48000' to the spawn-options line. Setup XMMS; Options->Audio
I/O Plugins->Output Plugin->Esound...... This works for playlists.

When using mplayer for video files I play from the command line with a
script like this:

esd -r 48000 &
mplayer -vo vesa -fs -ao esd $1

2. The s3 X driver flickers. Setup X with vesa.