the TuxMobil News digest for February 2004[1] has good news
for Linux PDA, mobile phone and laptop users. Here is an
extract of the most important messages.

Werner Heuser

|=| dillo the extremely small Web browser for PDAs and embedded
devices has released a new version (0.8.0)[2]. This promissing
project is looking for sponsors.

|=| OPIE 1.0.3 for SHARP-ROM 3.1 and derivatives has been released[3].
The Opie PIM applications will replace the original Sharp apps
but uses its own "old" data format (applies to Sharp ROM 3.1x and
derivates). On uninstall the Sharp apps will be restored.

|=| An OPIE Source Development Kit (SDK) is finally available[4].
More news about Open Source solutions for Linux PDAs are
in the second edition of the OOO OpenZaurus Newsletter[5].

|=| Linuxant announced version 1.6 of their DriverLoader for the
next-generation Intel Centrino and other Wireless LAN devices
802.11g 54Mbps. Though Intel has renewed their often given
promise to provide WLAN drivers for their Centrino technology[7].
But there is no schedule yet, nor a statement whether the
driver will be binary only or an Open Source solution. More
about Linux on Centrino laptops and notebooks at TuxMobil[8].

[1] http://tuxmobil.org/mobile_news_2004_02.html
[2] http://dillo.auriga.wearlab.de/
[3] http://opie.handhelds.org/feed/sharprom/1.0.3
[4] http://opie.handhelds.org
[5] http://openzaurus.org/newsletters/2004.02/
[6] http://www.linuxant.com/driverloader/
[7] http://news.zdnet.co.uk/business/0,3...9146677,00.htm
[8] http://tuxmobil.org/centrino.html

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