Hi there.

I am having trouble getting a gc75 working with linux.

I'm using gentoo linux, a 2.6.3 kernel, with probably a pretty recent
release of pcmcia-cs. The card is recognized but that's it. Nothing else.
http://www.joel.co.uk/gprs/ has scripts which I can use to get the modem to
dial out under knoppix, but when I use them no ppp connection can be made.

Under Gentoo, I have no idea which "device" (I mean file/whatever they're
called in /dev) that the pcmcia card is attached to. I suspect /dev/ptmx and
have tried that as a modem device, without success.

http://www.internecik.com/?p1=howto&a1=se_gc75linux is another resource
showing the card working, but I have no luck with his scripts.

Failing help with the GC75, can anyone recommend a working solution for GPRS
under linux, on the road. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 8200. I'm based in
the UK, so experience with local providers would be gratefully received.

I am getting desperate!!! I may resort to two laptops, one with 2000 running
the card and the "internet connection sharing" feature. Don't make me do it!

My email is alistair@inrevo.com if you want to follow up by email. I will
read here (probably via google), but may not be able to write - this isn't
my account I'm using (does anyone do a web news interface these days?)

Thanks in advance,