Well, I finally did it...so, I thought I would tell everyone

First, the Slackware instructions are awful. Apparently,
the instructions haven't been updated since the 1.0 beta.

(1) Download the two slackware ISO and make the CDs.
(2) Build the appropriate boot disks and root disks.
(3) Set up a separate PC as an NFS server. There are
several programs allowing the creation of an NFS server
on a Windows box. I used Omni-NFS. The shareware
versions are time limited to 2 weeks, but that is no
problem. The Windows NFS servers are very easy to use.
(4) Copy the directory "slackware" from the CD
(the directory containing the a, b, c etc. directories)
onto the NFS server.
(5) Identify that directory (the "slackware" directory)
as the one being shared. Use an alias for easier sharing.
(6) Set up your network card. I was setting up a
TP 560x, so I had to install the PCMCIA drivers.
(7) Run setup.
(8) Do the rest of the stuff as to partitioning, etc.
(9) On select source, use the NFS option.
(10) Identifiy the directory "slackware" previously set
up on the NFS server as the source directory. NOTE:
Forget what the setup says about needing "tree
structure from the slackware ftp site." (I have no idea
what that means anyway.) You ONLY NEED THE DIRECTORY
"slackware" on your NFS server. Point the setup program
to that directory.
(11) Proceed with installation.

Again, this is all really simple--but, for some reason,
no one has updated the installation instructions since
"heck was a pup." The instrutions given in the setup
program are incomprehensible.