My IBM R40 Centrino is now running wifi on the built-in Intel
Pro 2100 wireless NIC

Thanks to Werner Heuser of for a link to ndiswrapper an open "wrapper" which allows
using the winXP Centrino wifi driver with Linux.

I used Version 0.3 of ndiswrapper and the w70n51.sys and w70n51.ini
files from the XP (not 2k - it doesn't seem to work) driver that IBM
posts in their R40 driver matrix. PCI IDs 0x8086 and 0x1043.

That's all there was to it. I used neat (RH 9) to configure the wifi
card for DHCP, and to toggle active/inactive between my wired and
wifi NICs. (That also takes care of the default route).

Apologies if this is old news to everybody else.

Thanks again to Werner and the ndiswrapper folks!

William D Waddington
Bainbridge Island, WA, USA