Lutz, I'd like to invite you and anybody with questions about this
Notebook to join the Muramasa discussion forum on

This notebook has been generating so little Usenet traffic lately
that I felt it was necessary to flock around a more specific pole :-)

Btw., I use gdm and gnome on my Muramasa, if you think any of my
config file might help you, please repost your question on the


Original message (sorry, couldn't follow up, google's a bore)
> Hi all,
> I wanted to ask whether anybody of you is using a Sharp PC UM10 Muramasa
> with Linux? It has a ATI Mobility Rage and IŽd like to know how it is
> doing with XFree, which version I need and whether anybody could send me
> a XF86Config file for it (post it here, I dont reveal my email address
> in newsgroups
> TIA and good night,