Hello everyone,

I just have a new hard disk (Travelstar 7K60, 60GB) mobile disk for my
thinkpad T30. Unfortunately, after partitioned by fdisk in redhat
9.0, the partition table can not be read in partition magic (8.0). I
haven't such problem with another hard disk (Travelstar 40GNX, 40GB).
If I partitioned in windows, intallation of linux would show some
error message about inconsistance in BIOS geometeries and disk.
Strangely, althogh this error could be ignored in linux, Partition
Magic reported errors about unequal values in CHS and LBA in Windows.
Linux somehow did changes to the table, which is not recognized by
Partition Magic. Is that due to the large capacity of my new disk? Or
linux and partition magic use different type of partition table in the

I am looking forward to someone's help and advice. Many thank in

Best regards,