this month's TuxMobil News digest[1] has again good news for Linux PDA, mobile
phone and laptop users. I have made an extract of the most important
messages below.

Werner Heuser

|=| SHARP continues their Linux PDA series. Their new Zaurus SL-C860 ships
November 27th for the Japanese market[2]. The SL-6000 was announced for early
in 2004[3]. OPIE 1.0.3[4] and OpenZaurus 3.3.5[5] were released. See also
the first issue of the OpenZaurus Newsletter[6]. Finally FreshMeat
has become aware of the changes in the PDA market and
renamed the "Palm" Section To "Handhelds"[7].

|=| Some vendors refuse to release specs or even a binary Linux driver for their
WLAN cards. ndiswrapper[8] by Pontus Fuchs tries to solve this by making a
kernel module that can load Microsoft-Windows NDIS drivers. Currently only
BroadCom chips are supported. In the meanwhile Linuxant has made a commercial
end-user license[9] available for DriverLoader. This driver uses a similar
approach, but supports some more chipsets, including the WLAN chip comming
with Intel's Centrino[tm] technology[10].


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[10] http://tuxmobil.org/centrino.html

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