a new issue of the Linux-Mobile-Guide is available. This guide covers
laptop, PDA and mobile phone related Linux features, such as installation
methods (via PCMCIA, without CD drive, etc.), hardware features (PCMCIA,
IrDA, BlueTooth, APM, ACPI, etc.) and configurations for different
(network) environments.



There are different formats (HTML, IPK for Linux PDAs) available


v3.14 19 November 2003,
- APM chapter and Different Environments section were reworked
by Thomas Hood http://panopticon.csustan.edu/thood/tp600lnx.htm ,
- some links to different ACPI-HOWTOs were added,
- a chapter about Intel's Centrino technology was added,
- some remedies to cure fan problems were added,
- the URL of the Battery FAQ was added to the battery chapter,
- added link to Tclkeymon driver for Toshiba hotkeys,
- a new section about port replicators/docking stations for laptops
was added to the USB accessories chapter,
- some remarks about screen rotations under X11 were added,
- some additions to the cross-compiling chapter for the Zaurus PDA were made,
- a virtual keyboard chapter was added,
- a new section about BlueTooth dongles for PDAs was added,
- a new section about the ecological status of laptops was added to the
- minor changes