I need to develop a driver for a multifunction PCMCIA card with a standard
serial interface (16550) and a proprietary FIFO interface. I can access the
serial port now, but the FIFO is the problem.

Since I have so far no experience with Kernel driver development, and since
the application is not very demanding and all this happens in a controlled
embedded environment (x86 based), I'm tempted to do this in user land if

Any help now at the design stage would be much appreciated, so that I don't
run into the wrong direction!

- First of all: is this possible? I need to access a few registers on the
PCMCIA card and that should be it. No IRQs, I think I can get away with

- Any hints for documentation on how to do it? Does anybody know of any
similar drivers that already exist?

Thanks a lot already...