Hello, everybody!

Recently I've bought an L5800C ASUS laptop and I've installed SuSE 8.2
Linux on it, with the 2.4.20-4GB kernel. Everything went fine during
the installation.

However, I soon realized that something was not working properly.
After some minutes working, the laptop simply turns off. Whenever this
happens (very frequently, unfortunately), I realize that the bottom
part of the case (next to the processor) was very hot. If, however, I
boot the MS Windows, this never happens and the processor seems to be
at the normal temperature.

After realizing these facts, I've tried to go a bit further and try to
find out what the problem is. And what I've concluded is: The kernel
temperature controller is not working.
- During the boot, if the processor is cool, the processor fan is not
turned on. And this state will remain forever, until the thermal
protection of the processor shuts the power down.
- If during the boot the processor is somewhat hot, the BIOS turns the
fan on and this state will remain unchanged. So, the processor will
not get hot and everything will go fine forever.

Since I've understood this behavior, I have to do the following to get
the laptop working:
1. Turn it on and wait until the processor is somewhat hot (remember,
during this phase the processor fan is OFF!!!). I monitor it using the
command "acpi -V".
2. Reboot the system when the processor gets hot. Then, the processor
fan starts working (forever) and the system will not present any more

Since this only happens with linux, I soon realized that it must be
concerned with the operating system. Consequently, I decided to post
this message to this group hoping that someone could possibly help me
to fix my system.

Thank you very much,
Best Regards,