Hi All

After having swiched to console (using Ctrl-Alt-F1), TV-out or CRT
(though I don't have a external monitor) and then switch back to LCD,
the screen becomes very very bright and almost unreadable. Decreasing
the brightness using Fn keys helps a little, but the screen remains
very bright.

Actually just after switching, from tv-out or CRT it looks fine but
the mouse cursor is just a big black square. As soon as I move my
mouse (either the pad or the usb mouse) the screen becomes brigth.
After switching from console it is bad from the begining.

Also the picture on the TV-screen becomes inverted (Dark/Bright) after
moving the mouse. However watching movies using MPlayer is no problem.

Sometimes I'm not able to switch to either tv-out or CRT. Actually
right now is the first time. I have to switched to CRT a couple of
times to check that what I'm writing just now, is still true and once
to tv-out and now I can do neither.

Have anyone else experienced this problem, and knows how to solve it?

The labtop is a NEC LaVie C LC500/3
Running Mandrake 9.1 with XFree86 4.3 using GATOS radeon driver.
The graphics card is ATI Mobility Radeon M6
Kernel is 2.4.21(.0.13mdk-1-1mdk)

Thanks Torben