I get autofs working partially in our environment.

lets say the server is exporting


I can go to /test fine but can't go to /test1/am. However if I just


then I can go fine in /test1/am.

so if the server exprots


every thing works but if it exports


then I can't traverse to /test1/am although showmount -e from client
shows that it is exported. I can go to /test dir fine.

here is how i implement autofs in our environment

cat /etc/auto_master
cat /etc/auto.master
/net /etc/auto.net
cat /etc/auto.net
* -fstype=autofs,-Dhost=& file:/etc/auto.netsub
cat /etc/auto.netsub
* ${host}:/&

So how can I mount /test1/am on clients? what changes do I need in my
files. The same setup works fine with AIX/Solaris/HP, only Linux is
having problems.

Thanks much for your help