I am attempting to get the Netgear MA521 wireless card to work with my
Modified 2.4.20 Kernel with Redhat 8.0. I amusing a Toshiba Satellite
5205 S703 laptop and the Internal Wireless card died on me. I downloaded
the Realtek 8180 driver as per information dound on the web and have the
card working. I would like to integrated it into Redhat's Network applet.
The initialization script provided witht eh module brings it up as wlan0
and by making a ifcg-Wlan0 script I can use the wlanup script to get the
card on-line and working, but it fals to get a DHCP address. Using a
static address and gateway it works fine.

Would also like to get this card working with Kismet and airsnort but so
far have been unsuccesful. The module (rtl8180_24X.o) has been complied
and works. Just trying to integrate it into the system so I don't have to
resort to the command line. Once I bring the card up, ethereal works and
has the wlan0 as a legitimate interface.

Any guidance would be appreciated