this month's TuxMobil News digest[1] has again good news for Linux PDA, mobile
phone and laptop users. Here is an extract of the monthly digest, but note
there are much more noteworthy issues, so do not miss to check the whole

|=| At TheRegister have been rumours[2] about SHARP bringing new
Zaurus Linux PDAs to Europe finally. Nevertheless TriSoft and Xtops.DE make
also the SHARP SL-C760 available in Europe without official
assistance from SHARP[3].

|=| The Zaurus Synchronization Reverse Engineering Project[4] has
released a first issue of a tool to get open access to the PIM data. While
the Unofficial Zaurus FAQ gets new maintainers and location[5]. Thanks
to Bill Kendrick[6] who started the wellknown FAQ. A whitepaper from
IBM explored how to pilot a model plane with a Linux PDA[7].

|=| Linux laptop users with internal modems made by Conexant may try
out the new drivers by LinuxAnt[8]. You may find more tips and tricks about
getting to run internal modems on Linux laptops at TuxMobil[9]. To support
special keys, LEDs and extra ACPI features of ASUS laptops Julien Lerouge
has released a new issue of `acpi4linux'[10]. A survey of other methods
to get these features to work on different notebooks is included
in a dedicated chapter of the Linux-Mobile-Guide[11].

|=| OpenWave has announced Phone Suite version 7 for Linux-based phones[12]. For
mobile phones not based on Linux there is a new survey of connectivity
methods and tools at TuxMobil[13]. For Sony/Ericsson T68/T68i phones
Tobias Bayer has released a new issue of his KDE tool Leif[14].


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[2] http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/68/33094.html
[3] http://xtops.de/xtops_pda_sharp.html
[4] http://www.cyph.org/zsrep/
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[14] http://www.tobias-bayer.de/en/leif.html

You may find the daily TuxMobil News RSS/XML channel, the archiv and
a news submission form at http://tuxmobil.org/newsfeed.html