A couple of possibilities come to mind.

1. in my experience, you do not need to "mount" the drive to use with a
DVD player. It may even confuse the issue. You might want to see if
you are using 'supermount'. If so, try disabling it.

2. I found that if I used the "ide-scsi" boot parameter on my DVD, that
it prevented the DVD player from working. Also check that.

Can't suggest much more without a bit more data - e.g. syslog error
messages, etc

D. Jones

to reply, you don't need xyz

Nathaniel Janewit wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a CDRW/DVD combo drive on my laptop. When I insert a DVD,
> apparently /etc/fstab does not have /dev/dvd configured and will mount
> it as a CDROM and not let me play DVDs with gmplayer.
> Do you know how to get DVDs to play on RedHat9?
> Nate