I have an opportunity to buy a Dell laptop at a substantial discount
(through a special deal offered by my employer) within the next month or
so. I want an ultralight model so I'm looking at the new Inspiron 300M,
which seems to be the same basic machine as the Latitude X300 in different
packaging. As far as I can tell, they are not even shipping these things
yet, so I expect this is going to be on the bleeding edge as far as getting
Linux installed on it. Anybody have any thoughts on what I'd be getting
myself into?

The two things I absolutely must get working are X and suspend/resume.
The graphics card is the Intel 855GM, and it seems that it is possible
to get this working with the hack mentioned here for another Dell model
that uses the 855GM:


I'm less certain about the status of support for ACPI and
suspend/resume. When I was last looking around at new laptops last winter,
it seemed that this was not well-supported by the kernel yet. Has that

It would be nice if I can get the built-in internet and modem working,
but in a pinch I already have PCMCIA card gizmos to do that. Wireless
and sound cards are an even lower priority.

I'm most likely to go for whatever the latest Red Hat distro is, BTW,
since I've successfully installed Red Hat on a number of other
machines (both desktops and laptops) and it's what I'm most familiar