> Anyone who has got a simple way for setting up the keyboard for a Powerbook
> G3 Wallstreet.
> I am running Yellow Dog Linux 3.0, booting through OS 9.2.2. I am using
> Gnome, and it really made into a "POWERBOOK", even OpenOffice runs speedy.
> Installation went smooth, not a hitch, but there are some keys missing. I
> have no "@" and some others are missing too.

As a quick hack
xmodmap -e "keycode 46 = l L at"
(the keycode might vary, use xev to look it up)
should do it, I have a ~/.Xmodmap file which I run on login. This way
you also don't break the sortof working configuration itself.

> Isn't there a way of setting the keyboard up, without braking everything
> apart. It seems like quite some people use the Wallstreet with Linux (not
> that I know any), but they can't hardly use it without being able to send
> emails. Therefore I expect, that there is an easy way to solve the problem.

Go to groups.google.com and search for the thread "Keyboard on X with
missing keys" in the NG linux.debian.ports.powerpc (or at the debian
mailinglist with the same name) and read through this thread.
This problem with non US Keyboards seems to be a common problem on PPC

> Please help me out, so I can throw my new "i386 AMD XP2000 linux box" out,
> and live inside the Wallstreet.

Wow, you must really be an aesthetic