editing the July digest of the TuxMobil News[1] I was impressed by many
good news for Linux PDA geeks. Here is an extract of the monthly digest,
but note there are much more noteworthy issues, so do not miss to check
the whole digest[1].

|=| Though SHARP has decided not to bring their new Linux PDA
generation to Europe[2], two companies TriSoft[3] and Xtops.DE[4] make
the SHARP SL-C750 available on their own. The machines come with
German or English documentation and bear the necessary CE
certification to be sold in Europe legally.

|=| Thanks to the great work of Martin Demin from handhelds.org[5],
it is now possible to run Linux on the DELL Axim PDA[6]. It currently
only supports load from RAM (not ROM) which means you boot it from
Windows, but it's a start.

|=| SkyEye is one of the first available simulators for ARM and other
CPUs for embedded computers[7][8].

|=| InterPocket offers the first USB-Host-Adapter CF-Card for Linux
PDAs[9], which makes it possible to use external USB devices. InHandElectronics
released the VCE-B5A01 PCMCIA framegrabber driver[10], to facilitate
the development of embedded and handheld devices with real-time video

|=| The Open Palm Integrated Environment finished the 1.0rc pre-release
for the Zaurus[11] and the iPAQ[12]. The Familiar Linux Distribution
for PDAs published release 0.7[13].

|=| Some good news for laptop users, too. Finally a battery refurbishment
tool for Linux is available (for older laptops only, requires special


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[2] http://www.zaurus.de/PDA-News/curren...0030708103028/
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[4] http://xtops.de/xtops_pda_sharp.html
[5] http://handhelds.org
[6] http://www.lerhaupt.com/linux.html#axim
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[14] http://tuxmobil.org/mobile_battery.html

You may find the daily RSS/XML channel, the archiv and a news submission
form at http://tuxmobil.org/newsfeed.html