I'm looking for tips/clues from anyone with a toshiba portege 3480ct
(or similar) with a multi media port replicator running rh9 and a
working dvd drive.

This unit's dvd drive is in a swap out bay in the port replicator. I
am close to clueless in getting the kernel to recognize the drive.
Have been recompiling the kernel over and over, poking around in
various howtos, google groups and elsewhere for weeks. Really could
use some direction.

Funny thing is, I did an upgrade install from the drive from rh8, and
depending on the kernel version, everything was recognized in rh8.

The other issue is the dmesg line, "no floppy controller found."

I may as well ask the last two questions I can think of, who knows...

With a usb mouse, moving the mouse won't wake up the screen, but
moving the accupointer will. Is there a config setting to make the usb
mouse wake up the screen?

Finally, how do I add a new item to the start menu? When I right
click, select entire menu, add new item, fill out the form and submit
I get this lovely message, "error writing file... unsupported
operation." Gnome2 was my main reason for upgrading from rh8 to rh9.

I'm thinking about starting over by re-installing rh8 but would like
to avoid that because I don't want to go through the process of
reconfiguring everything (php, apache, mysql, ssh, samba, etc.).

I have questions, if you have answers, a hearty thanks in advance.

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