That is not the problem. I had Linux on the PPC. When I wanted to
upload WINCE again, something went wrong, I guess. I think the
bootloader is gone.
When I put the PocketPC in the cradle, WinXP detects an USB-device.
When I soft-reset the PPC, nothing happens. Even when I hold down the
"loadspeaker-button" while doing the soft-reset.
Is there a flash(or memory)-writing-program that writes direct to the
There is a COM-port on the device. Is there a program that writes via
the COM-port to the PPC that can write to the boot?

I hope so, because I need it (i guess).


"Richard Adams" wrote in message news:...
> Temba,
> If you're saying you just want the standard WinCE back and are wanting to
> 'unload' Linux, you should be able to do so by removing the main battery and
> the backup battery. The WinCE operating system is in the hardware and should
> be restored. Hope that helps!
> Ciao,
> Richard
> Temba Reskyanto wrote in message
> <>...
> >Hi All,
> >
> >I installed the bootlader. After installation everything I could
> >connect with Hyperterminal.
> >After a soft reset the Bootloader-display was active, but slowly went
> >off.
> >I putted my stylus in the IPAQ and pressed the middle of the joypad.
> >Sometimes I'm lucky that I can connect the IPAQ with Hyperterminal.
> >Question:
> >How can I put the WINCE back?
> >
> >I do NOT know a lot of this all. If you answer, please know that I'm
> >less than a rookie :-)
> >
> >Hope someone can help me,
> >
> >Temba
> >
> >
> >NB: Now I have installed the bootloader, where can I get a Linux
> >(Debian)?