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> Just go to a photo shop and get the *microfiber* cloth; or get it from
> an optician's place. The microfiber cloth is also what is used for
> "anti-reflective" coated eyeglasses and the AR coating is quite sensitive
> to scratches, etc. Use the microfiber cloth with plain water with a
> drop of dishwasher liquid (not too much).
> Just don't use any softener when cleaning the microfiber cloth as it
> leaves a bit of oil coating on the cloth.
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>> I've not seen same in UK (where there is *nothing* like America's CompUSA
>> ... PCWorld is a pale imitation), but will look again. thanks.
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>>> > What's the best way to clean laptop screens? I'm always hesitant.

>> Windex
>>> > with a soft cloth? How soft is soft? Just water? I assume paper

>> towels
>>> > are too rough and will scratch it. Best to leave it dusty longer and

>> clean
>>> > sparingly, or remove the dust frequently to prevent build up.
>>> I just buy the special "LCD Screen Cleaners" at CompUSA.
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The same microfiber cloth you by at camera and electronics stores can be
purchased for much less in the houshold cleaning area of Target ~$2 US.
Water will usually work on dust and smudges. Otherwise the popular screen
cleaners contain a diluted alcohol solution that works well for me.