I have this strange problem where when I am working in my Gnome
desktop the screen will go dim and then soon thereafter blank out
(i.e. shut off--its all black). This happens at seemingly random times
and will even occur while I am using the mouse. It seems to be
prevented if I am typing on the keyboard. My system no longer gets to
a point where the screen saver comes on while it is idle, it always
blanks out beforehand.

When the screen dims, if I hit a key, the display will return to
normal. But if it blanks, and then I hit a key, the display will
"awaken", but the desktop will be "stretched" horizontally, and
everything is bigger and ugly. The display is all distorted. To fix it
I have to do a "ctrl-alt-f1" to jump to a new terminal, and then
"alt-f7" back to the GUI--then everything works fine, but its really

This problem only occurs when my laptop is running on batteries. If I
recall correctly this used to happen occassionally, but now it is more
frequent. The only thing I can think of that may have intensfied the
situation is the fact that my most recent system updates included a
lot of X packages. I also just recently started using 2 batteries in
my laptop instead of just one, but the problem still occurs when
running on just one battery.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Anyone got a fix?? Although
I consider myself very Linux savvy, I am totally lost on this one. I
just don't know where to it X? my kernel? APM?

My system is:

Dell Inspiron 8200
Red Hat 8.0
Nvidia GeForce 4, 32MB
Nvidia graphics drivers

Thanks a million to anyone who replies.