"Rick James" writes:

>what kind of performance is he seeing out of his monitorless toaster?

Performance? Specifically which performance are you interested in?

>maybe so, but when all you need to run is Slack, a used high end TP still looks
>better to me then a new low end dell.

My original requirements were 512meg ram & 20 gigs preferrably better
of disk, for my Oracle class homework & hopefully future consulting.

After wandering thru Dell & Gateway online laptop configuration, it
became apparent that upgrading a laptop ram is nontrivial.

Specifically, a 256 meg machine spec'd 2 128meg sodimms, 1 accessible
& 1 not; a 512 came with 2 256 sodimms, not 1 512. In other words,
you're practically forced to buy their fatly priced memory instead of
an aftermarket upgrade.

After seeing this, I chose to not risk buying a used laptop & finding
it impractical if not impossible to upgrade the memory.

My XPC, while not as universally convenient as a laptop, has cost me
about 1/3 the price of a laptop filling my requirements. I ended up
with a Athlon 1900, 512MB 266 ram, & 80gig ata100, nvidia geforce4,
tvout, 5.1 sound, 4 usb, 2 firewire, & 1 Ether100, no wireless.

Downside is I have to beg/borrow a monitor to use it outside my
comfort zone. I decided I could deal with that.

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