Jay Goodman Tamboli diris:
> I probably should have done this earlier, but I think I'm
> now going to post to the alsa-users list. It's possible
> someone there can help.

I've gotten a couple of emails asking if I've resolved this
issue, so I'll post a status update. Interestingly, I
never received a response to my post to alsa-users, and I
stopped trying until I got the emails asking if I ever
figured it out.

Here's the deal: I had been using mpg321 as my test program,
but I decided to go back to basics and do what the
Sound-HOWTO suggests: cating a file to /dev/dsp. It worked,
so I tried installing xmms and testing with that. xmms
works with an alsa output plugin, but the program locks when
the song is over or I try to switch songs. OSS emulation
seems to work, but the sound is tinny. Alsa 0.9.4 insmods
without the codec_valid error, but 0.9.2 works the same as
described above. Progress, but not usable.

I did some more Googling, and I found RedHat bug #54905[1],
which mentions an AC patch to support newer chips. The
patch is for the OSS module version 1.9.1, the version
included with stock kernel 2.4.20. Kernel 2.4.21 includes
an apparently newer version of the patch, bringing the
via82cxxx_audio driver to 1.9.1-ac2. Since I'm using the
Gentoo kernel, which is still based on 2.4.20, I just copied
the newer via82cxxx_audio.c into my kernel tree and compiled
it. Seems to work great.

To sum up, I'm using Gentoo kernel 2.4.20-gentoo-r5 with
via82cxxx_audio 1.9.1-ac2, and everything works great.


1. http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/...g.cgi?id=54905
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