Hi All,
I'm accomplishing a 9grid, that is composed of a file server, 2
cluster (diskless cpuserver nodes) and a terminal..
I'm trying to connect to a cpuserver (node of 9grid) from a terminal,
to launch some tasks, but i don't really know how to do it, i was
trying with cpu(1) command, i was doing:
cpu -h fileservername
and the prompt changed from term% to cpu%, and i supposed that was
correct, but when i tried to connect to a cpuserver (all nodes are
cpu -h cpuservername
the prompt didn't change, is that correct? before doing this, i tried
cpu -h cpuservername -c cmd args
but i'm not really sure if the replay i obtained was neither from that
cpuserver or from terminal.
All of this, i was trying to do to testing nodes, in effect, i'd want
to launch from terminal a simple program i.e.: i say "hello" and the
chosen node replays "hasta la vista baby".
Thanks in advance for every response.