On Thu Nov 6 15:49:03 EST 2008, akumar@sounine.nanosouffle.net wrote:
> Erik,
> Taking your advice, I tried connecting to fscons and running:
> uname user user
> however, the fs reports:
> uname: uname 'user' already exists
> is this what you meant to try in your previous post, or have I
> misunderstood?
> Thanks

i think something is amiss. using a temporary file instead of /dev/sdC0/fossil,
i followed the example in fossil(4). then on the console i created a user "bad"

main: create junk sys sys d777
main: uname bad bad

then i mounted the fossil and created junk/bad
; touch bad; chgrp -u bad bad; chgrp bad bad
; ls -l
--rw-rw-rw- M 13950 bad bad 0 Nov 6 16:02 bad

then on the fossil console
main: users -d
nuser 5 len 84

then back on plan 9:
; ls -l
--rw-rw-rw- M 13950 (bad) (bad) 0 Nov 6 16:02 bad

i can lather, rince and repeat this process. i have no idea what
could be wrong in your case. regardless, if you turn auth off,
(-A), you will be god and can nuke anything.

- erik