2008/10/21 Benjamin Huntsman :
>>"add ramdisk 0x0200000 0x0800000",

> I believe the command in question is:
> partition define ramdisk 0x200000 0x600000 0
> I had changed it to 0x800000 too, but still got the kernel panic...
> I'll take a look in paq.c and see if I can fix the hard-coded sizes.

The boot loader command,
partition define ramdisk 0x200000 0x600000 0
is correct. The change is to paq.c.

The boot loader uses start+size while Plan 9 uses
[start,end) to define partitions.
The instructions on the wiki describe a 6 MB ramdisk starting
2 MB into the flash.
To the boot loader that is 0x200000+0x600000 but to Plan 9
it is [0x200000,0x800000).
The problem is paq.c defines a [0x200000,0x600000) ramdisk
which is only 4 MB in size.

Comparing the values in paq.c with those on the wiki should make
things clear.