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> > in the namespace (see the result of the 'ns' command; there you can
> > also spot that after issueing the 'mntgen' command a line
> > 'bind /usr/ruda/a /usr/ruda/a/' appears; that relates to my 4th
> > question; this bind is the one removed by the 'unmount' command).
> > How can I get rid of that then?

> Delete the namespace by closing the window.

i believe the answer to the original question is, you can't.

closing a window can delete a namespace, but there's more to the
story. namespaces aren't tied to rio windows. they're tied to processes.
(see rfork(2).)

namespaces are garbage collected. when the last process / chan with a
reference to a namespace exits, the namespace is reclaimed.

deleting a rio window *can* be a special case of this. (cf. the non-closing
rio window discussion.)

> You just found a bug; congratulations.

this is not a bug. inaccessable bits are not pruned from
the namespace. maybe that is counter to your
expectations, but that doesn't make it a bug.

it would be a serious security problem if you could unbind
inaccessable bits from your namespace. this would imply
you could access them.

- erik