> dispite the gratitous ad hominem, i'm sorry that this is difficult.

Don't take it seriously, erik. Even if you do, what's wrong with being a
cold, insensitive, unsympathetic computer wizard (that's what high IQ and
low EQ means)? There are a number of them out there, in very nice
positions, exalted by many admirers from around the world. It's a good way
of being.

--On Saturday, October 11, 2008 10:43 AM -0400 erik quanstrom

>>> can you please point me to the place where i can download the source of
>>> plan 9. Also, how to rebuild the code once i get it.

>> If you want to try Erik's patch, you could install plan 9 on real
>> hardware or under a different virtual machine like qemu or vmware, and
>> follow the instructions at
>> http://plan9.bell-labs.com/wiki/plan...iling_kernels/
>> Or just keep using the other VM and give up on Microsoft Virtual PC
>> for the moment.

> this is a repeat of a private email; i didn't think
> this was going to be generally interesting.
> option 1:
> assuming the live cd boots, there is a test kernel on sources
> in my contrib area which can be put into 9fat without booting
> from the virtual hard drive.
> open a new window in the installer. i'll assume that /dev/sdC0
> is your virtual hard drive.
> ; cd /dev/sdC0
> ; disk/fdisk -p data>ctl ; disk/prep -p plan9>ctl
> ; 9fat:
> ; cd /n/9fat:
> ; 9fs sources
> ; cp /n/sources/contrib/quanstro/9pcf.gz 9pcide.gz
> now edit plan9.ini. add a second bootfile line like:
> bootfile=sdC0!9fat!9pcide.gz
> now reboot and hope. :-)
> (for those following along at home, the sdata.c i'm working from
> is in /n/sources/contrib/quanstro/sdata.c.)
> option 2:
> install onto aoe storage. vblade
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...53&package_id=
> 143790 runs on linux, if you have a linux machine. or perhaps you could
> run it on virtual pc. (there's a version for plan 9, too.)
> you'll need to put these lines into your plan9.ini
> # assuming that your vblade is running as 42.0
> # and you are using ether0 and ether1 to serve aoe:
> aoeif=ether0 ether1
> aoedev=f!#æ/aoe/42.0
> (in any event, there are many ways to try to get this working.
> e.g. if you had a seperate machine as a fileserver, you could boot
> from it and be more free to experiment.)
> dispite the gratitous ad hominem, i'm sorry that this is difficult.
> unfortunately, i don't have a windows box or virtual pc. thus
> i can't properly test the change, even though it seems required
> by the ata spec.
> even if i did, it's presumptious to assume that the folks at the
> labs have the time to review changes and incorporate them.
> - erik