2008/10/8 Pietro Gagliardi

> On Oct 8, 2008, at 2:52 PM, Rudolf Sykora wrote:
>> So, if I continuously want to add and remove functions within one shell
>> (running hypothetically forever), do I have to 'manually' delete those empty
>> left-behind files? --- that is, not only use
>> fn name_that_I _don't_need
>> but also
>> rm /env/'fn#name_that_I _don't_need' ?
>> No.
>> Well... that's an answer, but not very constructive indeed. When do those
>> files dissapear?
>> R.

> When the namespace disappears.
> You can ignore the file even being there. There is a difference between the
> file and how the program uses them. If the program (rc) doesn't have a
> function given a name but /env does, it makes no difference. rc will
> overwrite the file when you redefine the function.

Well, when it disappears, sure. All what you say is understandable and I
know it. But as I explicitly noted, this namespace presumably never
disappears and the number of files increases. And having trillion useless
files is for no good. Moreover, as I tried to say, I don't see the reason
for that they stay there. See my about 4 hours old mail.