On Mon Oct 6 20:47:42 EDT 2008, rminnich@gmail.com wrote:
> This is a great thing. I've been assuming that the rest of the world
> sent around bogus email, it never occured to me that the mta would be
> blowing it.
> Thanks for this, it's a big help
> ron

you're welcome! that bug had been driving me bats for
about 15 months. (that'll be a lesson to you, boys and girls:
never let 'em know you know anything about smtp. that
goes double for imap.)

btw, the nupas stuff is coming along. i have
a couple users with ~2500 messages in their inboxes.
now if i could just teach them where the delete button is.

you may be interested in the nupas version of smtpd.
i've added some spam control that's been pretty effective.
the -E option demands a valid ehlo domain *or* authentication.
this is good for imap users who can auth but feed us garbage
ehlo strings.

- erik