> > 1. Open a "win" in acme.
> > 2. Scroll down as far as possible.
> > 3. Notice that there is no $prompt visible at left.
> > 4. echo annoying
> > 5. Now scroll back up and it turns out you entered the echo command at
> > a prompt after all!

> Not entirely sure what other behaviour you were expecting? You
> scrolled all the way down, leading to no text on your pane (it's all
> up above), but your cursor is still where you left it (all the way at
> the end of the text in the pane, all the way at the beginning of your
> pane display).

this is a bug. you can see what you've typed but not the prompt.
normally acme warps back to the tick when you type. this bug is
in acme since if you create a new window and type the prompt
manually then continue with step 2, you get the same results.

- erik