> I see that ndb/dnsquery returns correct information on my system, but
> I noticed that there is not a default domainname, like on linux, in /
> etc/resolv.conf we set the "search domainname" ... is there a similar
> setting in plan9

plan 9 dns tries to look up unrooted (no ".") names in the local databases.
first success wins.

here's the algorithm from /sys/src/cmd/ndb/dnresolve.c

* hack for systems that don't have resolve search
* lists. Just look up the simple name in the database.
if(!rooted && strchr(name, '.') == nil){
rp = nil;
drp = domainlist(class);
for(nrp = drp; rp == nil && nrp != nil; nrp = nrp->next){
snprint(nname, sizeof nname, "%s.%s", name,
rp = dnresolve(nname, class, type, req, cn, depth+1,
recurse, rooted, status);
if(drp != nil)
return rp;

- erik