On Sep 9, 12:03*pm, quans...@quanstro.net (erik quanstrom) wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > I was trying to write some acme scripts, but eventually found out /mnt/
> > acme is empty.
> > do I need to do anything to get entries under /mnt/acme
> > P.S: /mnt/acme is empty in both 9vx and VMWare'ed Plan9

> were you checking from an acme window? */mnt/acme is not
> part of your login namespace so other windows won't see it.
> - erik

Sorry, my mistake I realized soon after posting,
I wrote a small script to tabify/untabify in acme using Russ's tab.c
fn addrdot { echo 'addr=dot' > /mnt/acme/$winid/ctl }
fn tabify {
{ cat /mnt/acme/$winid/xdata && addrdot } | /bin/tab -n4
addrdot && tabify > /mnt/acme/$winid/data

Though it does what it supposed to do, is there a better way of doing
it (I am sure there is )