On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 1:42 AM, Eris Discordia wrote:
> You've misread me. I'm far from understanding which facilities Plan 9
> provides for "ron minnich," the CS/CE person.
>> Let's pretend I want to try out the C compilers at
>> plan9.bell-labs.com. i want to see what they do, maybe differently
>> than my local ones do.
>> How do you do that?
>> ron

In other words, you didn't even bother to learn that trivial bit. You
remind me of guys in the 70s who just couldn't figure out "this Unacks
stuff". They just didn't get pipes, and they knew that they were
useless to the average user, who really needed files with Hollerith
card images in them. Unix did not look like what they were used to, so
they just "knew" it had no value.

I knew a guy once who we delivered a Sun to. "What's this windowing
bull****?" he asked me. He put the mouse in a drawer, this in spite of
the fact that Sun text mode at the time ran at 1200 baud. Nope, too
hard to learn.

Learn and adapt, or die. No other choices .