On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 11:50 PM, Charles Forsyth wrote:
>> no adding very large amounts of code... maybe fix the swap... or even
>> remove it alltogether.

> assuming it doesn't work now, the paging code used to work, at least
> in the sense of survive --i used 8l to link kernels on a 4mbyte 386sx16 --
> so i imagine it's just a matter of repairing it, if it indeed is responsible.
> unfortunately it's hard to tell because "doesn't work" is a little vague.

I'm still happy to do any testing here. Have a P100 with 24mb ram
that I can reliably bring down with man -p or as I found out
yesterday, cd /sys/man; mk indices. Symptoms of the swap issue were
the drawterm session locking up... can't remember what was on the