for some silly reason, i decided it would be nice to try building
inferno under 9vx rather than just using an existing inferno
binary. i got it going eventually (except for graphics)
but ape needs a fix in /sys/src/ape/lib/ap/plan9/dirtostat.c
to add awareness of #Z.

it's funny the way the debugging path rambles:

mk inferno failed ->
mkroot produced an empty file ->
awk error (system("test -d /") returned non-zero) ->
pdksh error (wouldn't execute any command) ->
dirtostat diagnosed normal files as special

anyway, i might have missed a report about this
from someone else, but does anyone else
find that when doing a longish mk, the terminal
output will occasionally freeze, but is brought
back very quickly by interacting with the mouse in the window (sometimes
it seems to need an actual click, sometimes a wiggle will do)
this happens to me quite regularly (mac os 10.5.3).

on another note, having done inferno inside 9vx, it might
be quite interesting to try to use the vx32 approach to run
C code inside a hosted inferno. is there an obvious reason
why this couldn't work?