i put the version i'm working on on sources.
it looks solid for the hardware it's happy with. here are a few
quick notes

1. the cache is not compatable with older versions of the fs.
you'll need to force a dump and recover at the config prompt.
i get 20 times the cache preformance with the new setup.

2. aoe ("e") and ahci ("a") are supported. the marvell sata driver
has been rewritten. unfortunately, i haven't redone the ata driver.
scsi is untested. the juke device is gone. (if that's a problem,
i can put it back.) intel pcie gigabit controllers are supported.

3. the mmu code has been revamped. up to 2GB memory are

4. scheduling and locking have been reworked with a few tricks
stolen from the cpu server.

5. it's possible to put nvram in a partition. this is what i'm

6. cec support has been added so you don't need a serial console.
no documentation yet. cec=1 to enable at the conf

7. 9p1 support is gone.

8. there is a devcopy command which allows one to copy
any device to any other device from the running fs console.

items of note in the todo section
1. sensible partitioning.
2. jumbo frames.
3. documentation.
4. e820 scan
5. port to emt64 to easily support >2/4GB cache.

- erik