Some guy at IRC installed current iso with fossil+venti on qemu. The
first boot into the new installed system works, but on the 2nd boot
time venti hangs with:

conf...httpd tcp!127.1!8000...init...sync...

I installed it today and could reproduce the problem.

Tried running Plan9 from live cd to see whats happening gets the same

venti/venti -d -L -c /dev/sdC0/arenas -a 'tcp!*!17034' -h 'tcp!*!8000'
conf...httpd tcp!127.1!8000...init...sync...

And then looking at the logs shows:
(sorry, removed timestamps because i typed this manualy)

hget '' | htmlfmt

proc main: kick icache
work icachewritecoord: start
proc icachewritecoord: icachewritecoord kick dcache
work flushproc: start
proc flushproc: build t=131
proc flushproc: writeblocks t=991
proc flushproc: writeblocks.1 t=1632
proc flushproc: writeblocks.2 t=2296
proc flushproc: writeblocks.3 t=2944
proc flushproc: undirty.4 t=3564
work flushproc: finish
proc icachewritecoord: kick dcache
proc icachewritecoord: icachewritecoord kicked dcache
proc icachewritecoord: icachewritecoord start flush
proc icachewritecoord: icachedirty enter
proc icachewritecoord: icachedirty exit
proc icachewritecoord: icachewritecoord sleep
proc main: kick icache
....the stuff repeats again...

The log fills all the time... All processes alive none broken.

Starting venti with the -r option seems to work without such problems.
(because syncindex() is not called?)

Any suggestions what I should to to debug this problem further? Would
be interesting to know if this happens on qemu only...