I'm trying to set up authenticated smtp email sending. I have
everything working if I add the factotum entry for 'proto=pass
service=smtp ...' for my normal user and then run 'upas/smtp -au ...'
by hand.

But under my normal email setup, upas/smtp gets executed by
/mail/lib/remotemail, and this is where things are getting hazy for
me. I think that when I first try to send an email, using acme Mail,
then remotemail is run immediately on my terminal (I may be wrong
about this though). But sometimes when immediate delivery didn't
work, then remotemail is invoked via cron on my cpu/auth server as

Sooooo, all the comments I have so far read about auth smtp in Plan 9
say something along the lines of: ensure that your smtp password is
available in a factotum visible to upas.

How exactly do I do that?

Thanks for any pointers,