i think resfs (andrey mirtchovsky) and srvfs are just flavours of what
you are thinking, take a look, may be those inspires you. Also the
plan9 volfs (nemo) could have some ideas.

i think the plan9 way would be something like
9p://server/service_list_fs and then clicking on them would bring you
to that service via a 9p url. . .:-?

i suppose this is just 1 cent.



On 9/13/07, Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> Hi folks,
> while thinking about my plans for using 9P servers in numerious
> situations I just realized that server management can become
> quite complex.
> For example if an application like mozilla would move out many
> jobs (ie. like currently discussing @ mozilla.org: rss-feeds),
> server management can be quite complicated. We can't expect
> neither the user nor the individual application to be responsible
> for that. We need some zero-configuration approach.
> Actually it can be done by another server, which knows about
> all the individual servers, handles startup/shutdown and tells
> the clients where to find them, how to authenticate, etc, etc.
> A little bit like RPC portmap.
> What do you think about this idea ?
> cu
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