I have no more time to continue now with the snmnpfs. Feel free to
continue with it.

The files are in /n/sources/contrib/kix/snmpfs-20070904.tgz. This file

/bin/ snmpget, snmpgetnext, snmpwalk, snmpbulk, snmpset and snmpfs.
/lib/ (the library files)
/doc/ "local.example" -> /lib/ndb/local example file for the snmpfs
"Readme" -> documentation about the project.

The snmpset is not fully funcitional, and the snmpfs is only shown as

The libraries do not use the snmp errors (it goes well without it) and do
not use factotum.

In the other hand, there are two methods (implemented) to stop in the
snmpwalk, the End Of MIB or changing the main branch of the tree. Only the
End Of MIB is used.

Enjoy it. slds.