the network interface just started working. The disk and console have
been working for a while. I used a xen disk image for my root. I think
we have our new base for THX.

I hope to have this up on sources in another week or so for people to
try. The only really messy problem, not yet solved, is that linux uses
0x80 for syscall and plan 9 uses 0x40. Solving this problem is not as
simple as you might think.

But, this took 2 weeks as compared to the xen port, which took much
longer and involved much more hair tearout.

Thanks to jmk as usual for answering silly questions. And, of course,
thanks to rusty russel for writing lguest and answering other silly

btw, if you really want a hypervisor mode for plan 9, you ought to
look at lguest. I think putting it in to plan 9 would be pretty
straightforward. The code is really, really good and educational.