>===== Original Message From matt =====
>I've been learning troff at last. As part of that I made this page so I
>could see what fonts would work.
>or just
>or /n/sources/contrib/maht of course, however you choose
>Is there an easy way to add new fonts ?
>I've done a quick search but nothing fruitful so far.

troff does not care about fonts; it only cares about how wide each character

/n/sources/contrib/btdn/lib/cm/ will install the width tables for the Computer
Modern fonts (hopefully). For everything else, you have to teach GhostScript
(or your local PostScript printer) about it first, but once you have done that
the process should be fairly straight forward. Ask if you have any questions.

Though not answering your question, there is a "Fonts" page on the wiki.

Benn Newman