Dear list,

I am running an auth, CPU, fileserver on one machine. When adding
users with auth/changeuser as described in the wiki and the man
pages I am able to log in. Upon a reboot all these logins are lost.
auth/debug says:

cannot decrypt ticket1 from auth server (bad t.num=0x0b)
auth server and you do not agree on key for bootes@my.domain

When on the console /mnt/keys does not contain any files
(keyfs gets mounted there). From older posts to this list I think
this is normal. When running kill keyfs|rc;auth/keyfs I see my the
entry for bootes.

In my cpurc I run keyfs before starting the listen processes. I
simply copied the instructions from the wiki page about setting up a
standalone CPU server.

My guess is that the key for the /adm/keys file is somehow different
than the one stored in the nvram? Although I have tried several
methods for storing the key there (echo blabla > /dev/sdC0/nvram;
auth/wrkeys or rebootign and then entering the items)

When I run auth/changeuser again after reboot I see all entries in
/mnt/keys correctly.

How am I supposed to do this right?



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