* If you want to try the new venti on Plan 9, you can.
* If you use venti in p9p, you need to rebuild your
index after you next update and rebuild.

I just fixed the bug that had been holding me
back from suggesting people use the new venti
on Plan 9. If you'd like to try it, you can install
it using:

pull # changes to libhttpd
cd /
tar xzvf /n/sources/contrib/rsc/nventi.tgz
mkdir /386/bin/nventi
cd /sys/src/libnventi
mk; mk clean
cd /sys/src/cmd/nventi
mk install; mk clean
cd srv
mk install; mk clean

There are even man pages; see nventi(8) to get started.

If you are already using venti on p9p (there it is called
venti and not nventi), you can cvs up and rebuild.

The two important changes in this update:

- I fixed the indexing bug that caused "clump magic
mismatch" errors every time you didn't shut down
cleanly without rebuilding the index from scratch.

- I fixed a bug in the bloom filter that was causing
it to use only 1/8 of the bits available to it.

The second bug fix means that you have to rebuild the
index if you update your p9p venti. You can do this by
re-running fmtisect on each index section, then fmtbloom
on the bloom filter, then fmtindex venti.conf, then
buildindex venti.conf. This is basically the "set up venti"
procedure except you *don't run fmtarenas*. (Doing so
would lose all your data.) Note that unlike the old venti,
buildindex no longer requires temporary workspace.