Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> Hi folks,
> is there yet any standard layout for storing browser bookmarks
> via 9p ?
> My idea is to replace the old html based bookmark handling stuff
> in mozilla by a few lines of code which just walk through some
> 9p dirs and take evrything from some flat text files. Mozilla
> would just connect to the (normally userland) 9p server.
> At this point, multiple access, synchronization or external
> databases would be quite trivial.

I assume from your other post that you're running Linux.

I'm not sure that any standard is needed. You can just store the
bookmarks in a text file and plumb them (e.g. from 9term or acme) to your
Web browser. Check out "9 man 4 plumber" for details.
Darren Bane