>> Objective of the exercise (at this point) is to confirm that plan9.ini or
>> functional equivalent, effects the published default of disabling the second
>> core in a Core-D P4, and, if so, attempt to re-enable same and see what, if
>> anything, breaks.

> try plan9.ini(8) specially for the above, the flag you're looking for
> is "*nomp" (the "*" at the beginning stops it being passed to the user
> environment/user shell; I disapprove of all these *no... flags, but
> that was the wisdom then).
> ++L

Thanks, I had all that well in hand ahead of time.

I just could not find the 'plan9.ini' involved, as it didn't readily show up
directly in listings.

Issuing the simple '9fat:' with colon was all it took.

That must be documented somewhere - but I had missed it.