The delay I'm referring to is the q&a: When not installing but rather
using the live boot, you are presented whenever you start the machine
with a series of questions (monitor, res, mouse), I managed to set
plan9.ini in the floppy image so that only one question will be
presented, but that is still one question too much.
Thats should be relevantly easy to those who are more experienced with
plan9 then me - which should be just about anyone in this forum...

The slow copy to HD is, as you said, me referring to the installation
process, this problem is consistent in all VM I tried to install plan 9
onto (vmware, virtual pc, parallels, many many others...) so I'm guessing
it has something to do with how plan9 acts rather then how the different
VMs preform, maybe this can be addressed in form of a kernel patch ? I
wouldn't know as I was yet to successfully diagnose the the exact cause
of the problem... - Thats the Todo part :-)
This requires a programmer that is capable to do what is required and
hopefully incorporate this modifications to the main build (one of the
nightly builds) so this won't require an attachment to this guide but
rather will be specified in the guide as a requirement to an updated
version of plan9.iso.

Their is also the issue of the sound, mp3 playback would be nice, but I
think that at least the /bin/games/* that require sound should work

Though I think this procedure is relatively safe to the experienced user
- without other people testing and feedbacking on it I stick to a strong
warning about hell's minions erupting from your monitor to devour your
souls and so and so...
Obviously the final step would be to upload a corrected and reorganized
version of this guide - again by someone other then me that has access to
the wiki and is less orinted to the random histerical shouting of
"Beware the Darkness !!! The BSoD shall be its precursor !!!" ;-).

Ram Kromberg